Quality Customer Service

Raksha Investment realizes the true importance of quality customer service. At Raksha Investment, we desire to honour our commitments at all points of time and to all customers without any bias.

Quality Service : Highlights
You will receive regular portfolio reports in hard copies to serve as record

Quality Advisory
True, unbiased recommendations
Each plan is unique in nature to suit your needs and profile

Quality Communications Support

Weekly performance reports email/hard copy
Comprehensive Monthly Fact sheet email
Research articles and reports emal / hard copy
Updates of important events, changes email / hard copy

Our Services Commitments

  • To provide client-focused, need-based advisory services
  • To provide reliable, accurate and timely information
  • To identify and recommended only the right products
  • To maintain all records in privacy
  • To optimize returns based on risk
  • To honour our service commitments

We want to help you choose the investment pattern that meets your needs with minimal risk and maximum return. Whatever your situation be, Raksha Investment wants to be the one you can turn to for help.

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you standardized and personalized services. Please call us for answers to your queries.