Life Insurance

Ever thought about why you should take an insurance policy?

  • Family Income
  • Debt to pay off
  • Cost of educating children
  • Marriage
  • Emergency fund requirement
  • Estate settlement
  • Retirement needs

  • Full Protection Against risk of Death which other Saving plans does not provide.
  • Hedges risk against uncertainty
  • Higher returns in ULIPs.
  • Encourages compulsory savings unlike other saving instruments, wherein the saved money can be easily withdrawn.
  • Offers tax relief under Sec. 80D/80C and Sec. 10(10)D.
  • Provides loan to tie over a temporary difficult phase.


Why Retirement Planning In Advance ?

  • Retirement plan is an excellent option to assure regular income , to maintain comfortable lifestyle even after you are no longer working.
  • According to the survey, 4% are govt. employees covered under pension scheme. Rest 96% ( self-employed or private co. employees) are not covered under pension schemes.
  • Tax benefits us. 80CCC & 10(10)D.
  • To meet emergency requirements.

Features of ULIPS :
1.Flexibility :

  • Flexibility to choose Sum assured
  • Flexibility to choose premium amount
  • Option to change both SA and Premium
  • Flexibility to change fund allocation through switch

2.Fund Options available i.e equity, debt, cash or any other combination
3.Transparency :

  • Charges in plan & net amount invested are known to customer
  • Convenience of tracking ones investment performance on a daily basis

4.Liquidity :

  • Option to withdraw money after few years
  • Low minimum tenure
  • Partial/ Systematic withdrawal allowed

5.Lumpsum injection ( top up ) possible

Features of Traditional Plans :

1.Steady Investment :

  • Major portion of investible funds are in debt instruments
  • Steady and assured returns over long term

2.Death benefit is Sum assured + Guaranteed bonus
3.Premium to Sum assured ratios are fixed for each plan and age.
4.Withdrawals are not allowed before maturity.