Portfolio Managment

Benefits of Portfolio Managment Services


  • Efficient Switch Between Cash & Equities
  • Focused Portfolio of select stocks/sector concentrations.
  • Professional Management With the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance while controlling risks.


  • Client get regular statements and updates on their investments.
  • Web-enabled access ensures that the client is just a click away from all information related to his/her investments (i.e securities one holds,cost & current values, securities purchased & sold, dividends received performance of portfolio, market commentary, etc.)
  • Customised advise that suits individual requirements helps achieve the desired financial & investment objectives.
  • The portfolio manager will provide audited statement of account at the end of financial year to help the client assess the tax liabilities on his/her portfolio, including capital gains reports (The PMS provider is a trustee acting a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the investor therefore, the tax liability for a PMS investor would remain the same as if the investor is accessing the capital market directly).
  • Reliance Money Endevours to deliver competitive returns through a diligent fund management framework, supported by rigorous analysis and a proven investment methodology.

Investment Strategy

  • Reliance money follows a Robust and Disciplined investment process and Endeavour consistently to generate absolute returns over a long term.
  • Reliance money believes in active management of portfolios, leading to higher returns and our regular reviews of portfolio help in better risk management, to ensure consistently better performance.
  • An efficient asset allocation with flexibility to apportion 100% cash and use the cash to grab market opportunities when they arise.
  • Selective use of derivatives as an investment tool for hedging and portfolio re-balancing.
  • The research team has the capability to value companies on the basis of their current and future potential, which helps in generating better & consistent returns.
  • Invest in relatively concentrated portfolio of not more than 15-20 stocks, which rmoney experts believe to be excellent picks.

System & Processes

  • The operations team takes care of the systems, mis & related back office activity. The account details and portfolio valuation can be viewed on reliance money website with the help of a special user id and password, which is provided for each client.

Investment Process